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Fulford Arms

121 Fulford Road, York YO10 4EX

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Find out what's on at Fulford Arms below. Click the event title for the full line up or to buy gig tickets.

Date Event Title  
2021-12-07Tuesday 7th December Native Harrow Tickets
2021-12-08Wednesday 8th December Elijah Miller Tickets
2021-12-09Thursday 9th December The Palava Tickets
2021-12-15Wednesday 15th December Tv Smith Tickets
2021-12-16Thursday 16th December Counting Coins Tickets
2021-12-18Saturday 18th December Tony Wright Tickets
2021-12-20Monday 20th December Max Mulrenan Tickets
2022-01-21Friday 21st January The City Kids Tickets
2022-01-31Monday 31st January The K's Tickets
2022-02-01Tuesday 1st February Soak Tickets
2022-02-02Wednesday 2nd February Du Blonde Tickets
2022-02-03Thursday 3rd February The Rills Tickets
2022-02-04Friday 4th February The Goon Sax Tickets
2022-02-05Saturday 5th February Deep Tan Tickets
2022-02-06Sunday 6th February The Bug Club Tickets
2022-02-11Friday 11th February Gaz Brookfield Tickets
2022-02-16Wednesday 16th February Penelope Isles Tickets
2022-03-02Wednesday 2nd March Tebi Rex Tickets
2022-03-03Thursday 3rd March Lips Can Kill Tour 2 Tickets
2022-03-06Sunday 6th March Attila The Stockbroker Tickets
2022-03-07Monday 7th March Spencer Cullum's Coin Collection Tickets
2022-03-08Tuesday 8th March Elona Gay Tickets
2022-03-10Thursday 10th March The Lilacs Tickets
2022-03-15Tuesday 15th March The Blue Stones Tickets
2022-03-16Wednesday 16th March Sam Amidon Tickets
2022-03-19Saturday 19th March Elkyn & S.t. Manville Tickets
2022-03-23Wednesday 23rd March Molly Linen & Clementine March Tickets
2022-03-25Friday 25th March Spunk Volcano And The Eruptions Tickets
2022-04-13Wednesday 13th April Aurelio Voltaire Tickets
2022-05-09Monday 9th May Jake Xerxes Fussell Tickets
2022-05-25Wednesday 25th May The Royston Club Tickets
2022-11-02Wednesday 2nd November The Birthday Massacre Tickets

Fulford Arms Gig Promoters

The following promoters are currently hosting gigs at Fulford Arms:

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